The program represents a complex of individual modules, helping to automate activities of all departments of the enterprise into a single workflow platform. The data is centralized, processed, and checked at all stages of the operation.

Sales Department Module

Hosts a customer’s database and work history for each client. Allows employee of organization to maintain their contact lists, track meetings, and overall orders.

Project Department Module

Collects all the necessary data for the implementation of the project. Provides visual output of the project implementation plan in the form of the Timeline.

Purchase Department Module

Hosts a vendor database. Facilitate employees in the procurement process, aligning purchases to the current projects, departments and/or warehouse.

Inventory Management Module

Provides an easy to use console for the inventory tracking such workstations, lab equipment and other machinery. Provides the ability to set reminder alert schedule for warranty expiration, maintenance on per device schedule.

Warehouse Management Module

Provide acceptance of goods and materials. Keeps inventory records. Provides a console to track shipment/receivable records. Easy integration with barcode readers.

Owner Management Module

Approves Invoices for payment. Sees all business statistics and employee activities. Support multi-level approval hierarchy.

Accounts Payable Module

Acknowledge payment statuses based on approvals from management.

Timesheet Module

Provides ability to track time of the employees. Most of the time we can integrate this module to view attendance through the current badging system. With additional integration, we can get statistic from your current AD environment.

Platform Designed To

Heads of the organization can remotely view the activity of their business through a mobile application. To see the costs and profit, approve bills for payment, view the attendance of employees and the current workload of the staff.
The AIM platform keeps complete statistics on all activities. Saves the history of work performed, projects, and orders. At any time, you can open the history and see how the work went through, find out at what stage the current project is in, see if the delays and problems have occurred.
The AIM platform is a complete solution for business automation. All departments of the enterprise including data are centralized, this avoids double work in departments and saves time and corporate funds.


Custom Solution

We do not sell a finished product. AIM Team individually approaches each client because everyone has their own, unique style of doing business. Preliminary we conduct business analysis to find how interdependent the departments are, assessing current complexities and internal workflows. After acquiring information, AIM team will produce a hosted platform with integration of your business processes.

Simplicity Of Work

Other similar software products are too complicated, because of the universality of their software product for all activities that require a high level of computer literacy from employees and technical personnel. AIM Team acquired information from many organizations and found that in a well-run enterprise, each employee performs the minimum number of permanent actions required for his work. Therefore, in our AIM Platform, we always strive for the minimalism of the entire operations by the employee of each department that has a beneficial effect both on the performance of the work and on the occurrence of the error.


As it’s known, similar systems are costly, contain a considerable number of functions (due to their universality), that the company never use. So why overpay? We offer only the necessary features for your business, and nothing superfluous, which allows us to trim the price significantly.


We never give up customers and do not charge extra money for service. We are always happy to help you with your issue. A good software product - should be error-free and not be complicated for use.